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Friday, March 5, 2021

Driving on your mobile phone could soon cost you £200

New tougher rules are coming into play from March for those found to be driving on their mobile phone.

First-time drivers will be instantly banned while experienced drivers will face double the points and a £200 fine.

If you are caught twice you’ll be banned for six months and face a £1000 fine.

At the moment drivers who are caught are given three penalty points and a minimum fine of £100 – this will go up to six points and a £200 fine.

But thousands of drivers ignore the law and continue to use their phone behind the wheel.

We’d challenge you to drive around without seeing a driver talking on his or her mobile.

Those who have just passed the test will have their driving licence revoked if caught.


If you are caught twice as a more experienced driver you will be taken to court and face a six-month driving ban and up to £1000 fine.

Inspector Matt Butler, from the Alliance Roads Policing department, said: “It has been illegal to use a hand-held phone or similar device while driving or riding a motorcycle since December 2003. However, many motorists still fail to see that it is not possible to use a phone and be in proper control of a vehicle.

“Whatever the reason for using a mobile device when driving – texting, scanning a newsfeed or streaming video content – it can wait until your journey is over. Nothing is more important than your safety and the safety of road users around you.”


Driving on your mobile phone could soon cost you £200 4
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news.

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