Two police officers have been left red-faced after their parked car rolled down a hill and hit a taxi.

Dashcam footage has been releases by 999 News that shows two officers getting out of the car at 1.30am on Monday in Newcastle City Centre.

The two officers attend a nearby incident and the car rolls down a hill.

A man has no idea the car is coming walks behind it without a care in the world.

The car contiunes further down the hill and hits a taxi waiting at traffic lights.

The taxi driver appears to be angry and begins beeping his horn at the empty police car before it hits him. 
The geordie taxi driver doesn’t sound too impressed when the car hits him, calling him a ‘F***ing Idiot’ as someone in the back of the taxi shouts he must have ‘forgot to put the handbrake on’.

But with all this happening in front of the driver how did he fail to notice what was going on? there were not even any reverse lights on?

None of the cars was damaged during the incident,

Well, that’s a good start to the new year, Try explaining that one back at the station!

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