Amber Rudd home secretary speech police treat it as ‘hate incident’ 

West Midlands Police has confirmed that the Home secretary’s speech last year at the Conservative Party conference is being treat as what they call a ‘Hate Incident’. 

The speech suggested that the UK should tighten rules that allow company’s to recruit workers from overseas. 

She was reported to police by a Oxford University Prodessor. He accused Rudd of using ‘hate speech’ to help her political career.
West Midlands Police confirmed  that no crime had been committed. The Home Office was forced to make a comment and confirm that the Home Secretary has always made it clear hate has no place in the UK.

With a Home Office spokesperson said  “This was not a hate crime. The Home Secretary has been crystal clear that hatred has absolutely no place in a Britain that works for everyone.

“She’s made countering hate one of her key priorities, indeed one of the first public interventions she made was to launch the Hate Crime Action Plan.”

Police have recorded the incident as a non-crime hate incident as required by guidelines.