Watch the moment man robs woman aged 80 in Iceland

An 80-year-old woman had her purse stolen on Friday 23rd December by this man. She was shopping at an Iceland store in Billingham when he decided he would take her purse.

Luckily Iceland foods didn’t let the lady go away empty handed as they paid for her shopping and had it delivered free of charge to her house.

The man who has now been arrested from the Hartlepool/Stockon area follows the woman and pretends he is looking in the freezers and grabs her purse before walking off.

He’ll now be spending Christmas day in Police Custody after being arrested on suspicion of theft.

We spoke to a family member who does not wish to be named she told Police Hour that the community has come together to support her, ‘She was very shocked by the incident but the community has come together Iceland offered her the food for free and even delivered it.

“Members of the local community have been posting money through her letter box since the incident was shared on social media and the whole community has come together to support her this Christmas”.