Video footage has emerged of a man being punched by a police officer

Video footage has emerged of a police officer using pre-emptive strikes to arrest a male.

It is very clear within the footage that the officer is struggling at one point he nearly falls to the ground before he starts striking the offender.

The footage which was filmed in New Heaven is believed to have been recorded on Mad Friday and shows the officer struggling with the offender.

The police officers screams let go a number of times before using strikes to prevent the offender from attacking him.

It is not known why the man was arrested however a police officer is only allowed to use reasonable, justified and proportionate force.

Police officers are allowed by law to use reasonable force during an arrest by law to allow them reasonable in the circumstances for the purposes of self-defence.

Once the arrest has been made and the person is processed through custody the officer is then required to submit a reasonable force statement that explains why the force was justified.

What we need to bear in mind with this footage is that we do not know the circumstances leading up to the incident and that officer safety is very important.

That famous saying becomes apparent dammed if they do dammed if they don’t.