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Middlesbrough Bouncers Street Brawl breaks out between bouncers and party goers

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Middlesbrough Bouncers A large scale fight has broken out between security staff at Empire Night Club in Middlesbrough and a group of young lads.

The footage which has been viewed over 200,000 times was shared on Facebook showed Bouncers and Party-goers fighting behind the nightclub.

Within the video, it is clearly shown that a bouncer then attacks a member of the public who is simply stood recording the incident. One of the witnesses to the incident is clearly heard saying “he can’t do that, He can’t drop him for taking a video”.

Footage released to Police Hour shows bouncers and young lads fighting around the side of Empire Night Club in Middlesbrough on Corporation Road.

It is clear from this footage that these bouncers are not using responsible force, However, what is unclear is the circumstances leading up to the incident. Kev Robinson was left cover in blood needing hospital treatment.

It’s not exactly known what caused the fight Kev Robinson admitted “‘It all happened really quickly. It is a bit of a blur. We had not actually gone into the Empire as one of our group was not allowed in. We were walking away when one of the lads said something to the doormen and they came from their barricade over to us.

“The next thing I remember I was being attacked by the two doorman. I really can’t remember how it turned into a fight. I admit to throwing a punch but I was trying to defend myself. I just remember one of the doorman hitting someone for filming while this was going on as someone was dragging me away from them.”

The footage shows two bouncers completely losing it against one lad. Bouncers can be seen wearing leather gloves as punches are thrown at the lads head.

A clubber who was in the smoking area at the time of the incident who would not like to be named has said “They witnessed the incident just after midnight, They witnessed on of the lads being knocked back at the door for having no ID, They never got inside the club which is where the incident flared up

“The group of lads then began asking the door staff if they would fight them, they then hurled the crowd barriers at the door staff resulting in one of the door staff becoming injured”.

What is strange about this incident is that only one member of the public alerted the police to what was happening and ended the call. The security staff within all venues within Middlesbrough have a live radio link to the town centre CCTV and have a link to the Cleveland Police Control room.

An eyewitness who does not wish to be named  told Police Hour that “His friend was walking out of empire when the door staff started arguing with him and his friends which aggravated the whole thing”.

He was unsure what the incident initially began over however the video footage clearly shows staff at the empire throwing punches at one young lad.

One bouncer is shown to be punching one lad round the face, The lad then floors the bouncer who is unable to get back onto his feet.

Ian Heaviside commented saying “Typical bouncers can’t fight one on one they all have to pile in and take turns if they trained properly (without steroids) they might be able to last a bit longer.”

Karen Charville Said “Absolutely disgusting aren’t the doormen suppose to be protecting people from this type of behaviour not steaming in with their fists n size 9s I appreciate they have to defend themselves in certain circumstances but they don’t look like they’re trying to calm the situation at all this is what gets a bad name for them.”

and Laura Louise Marchant added “my friend got attacked by one of those bouncers on my birthday and nothing’s been done about it so nothing will probably be done about this either. They get away with murder.”

Cleveland Police said: “We received a call at 2:18am on Saturday (3 December) about an incident outside The Middlesbrough Empire on Corporation Road. Unfortunately, the individual ended the call before provided further information.’

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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