Shocking while A&E nurses and doctors work to save lives they are robbed of bags, purses and money

While doctors and nurses at the Accident and Emergency Department at James Cook University Hospital worked to save the lives, Little did they know a sick individual came and stole everyone who was on duties Mobile phones, Bags, Purses and Money leaving them with nothing.

Everything was stolen from the medical staff on duty today. News and Incidents on Teesside is urging the people of Teesside to have a heart and do the right thing if you know who stolen the items 2 days before Christmas.

Thieves removed gained entry from the outside window of the staff changing rooms and brook in via an outside window, they removed the window completely to get to the bags.

“Today the A&E Department @ James Cook University Hospital Changing Rooms were broken into – via an outside window (this window was removed)!!! Clearly they knew what they were doing as why would you remove a window?”

“Everyone’s Bags, Purses, Money… the lot has been swiped!!!! We are talking lots of Nurses, Drs, HCAs, AP, ENP belongings.  So please, please if anyone knows anything, anything at all please do the right thing & have a heart

“How could you live with yourself knowing what you did or know who’s done it…… There are no words to describe what our A&E Family are going through. Just heartbreaking. This is the thanks we get for helping, Caring, looking after your loved ones & Saving lives.
Absolutely Disgusting

“We work endlessly hard trying to save lives of these theirs loved ones! Someone out there knows who has done this and I honestly hope they have a heart and admit this because it is utterly devastating”

Please take a moment to share so these individuals can be brought to justice.