Santa’s sleigh has broken down! How will the kids get their presents?

Oh no Santa’s sleigh's broken down! How will kids in the #WestMids get their presents? Never fear we're here to help! #SaferTravelSavesXmas
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West Midlands Police have helped Santa in his time of need travelling the West Midlands public transport network to deliver children their Christmas gifts.

With Christmas not too far away Santa called on the help of West Midlands Police, He required urgent assistance when his sleigh had broken down.

He got a first class response from the Safer Travel team came to the rescue of Santa after his sleigh had broken down. But fear cops were on hand to help Santa out.

Police officers from West Midlands police travel on public transport delivering presents and chocolates to children.

Watch how the Safer Travel Saves Christmas after Santa’s sleigh had broken down.

The officers recorded the video on their days off to ensure the West Midlands Police safety messages was shared. Well done to all those officers involved.

The officers will be forever on Santa’s good list. Please feel free to follow @ST_Police on twitter

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