Police Arrest Boro taxi driver after sex attack headlines hit the nationals 

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A Middlesbrough taxi driver has been confronted after he lured a teenager into secluded layby in Middlesbrough has now been arrested. He was spotted on the back seat of his taxi with the teenage girl. The sickening incident was captured on camera as two men confront the driver.

We have completely distorted the video for legal reasons.


During the confrontation the driver was asked ‘What intentions have you got to be parked here with her, That little lass there is only a kid? why have we just caught you in the back of the car?. She is a young lass crying her eyes out-look.’

He is believed to have taken her to a secluded Docklands Road, close to Grangetown near Middlesbrough.

Cleveland Police released a statement saying they had investigated the incident and no further action was taken after they were contacted by a member of the public at 3am on Thursday, December 8.

However now the story has hit the national headlines police have now confirmed that they have now arrested the man.

The teenager within the video states that he kissed her and attempted to touch her as two men who were out shooting spotted the taxi park up within an unknown rural location within the Middlesbrough area.

The driver claimed the teenager was fine and only wanted a cuddle in the back of the car as he drove her down a dead end in the middle of nowhere after her mum kicked her out.

The Taxi driver states that she had been kicked out by her mum and everything was alright until the two who confronted him turned up.

Police Hour would urge people who use this taxi company to continue supporting them, This is one taxi driver spoiling things for the rest of the drivers, let’s not impact thousands of decent, honest, hardworking and trustworthy drivers in Middlesbrough.