Parents: Excited little ones can spot Santa passing over the UK tonight at 7.32PM

Oh no Santa’s sleigh's broken down! How will kids in the #WestMids get their presents? Never fear we're here to help! #SaferTravelSavesXmas

Excited children across the UK will tonight have the opportunity to see Santa’s Sleight as he races across the night’s skies dropping off millions of gifts for good boys and girls.

Yes, tonight Christmas Eve the International Space Station flys across the UK.

You’ll be able to spot ISS tonight will clear visitability as darkness falls making it perfect conditions to spot the arrival of Santa you should be able to spot Santa at 7.30pm but you’ll need to be quick.

Santa is expected to travel from the west, Making the perfect opportunity for a magic Christmas moment.

Recently West Midlands Police helped Santa as his sleigh broke down read about how they got the kids their presents!

Merry Christmas from the Police Hour team.