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#FindCorrie Nicola Urquhart ‘Someone must know something’



Corrie McKeague was last seen on the 24th September 2016 at 03.25 in Brentgoval Street, Bury ST Edmunds. He has not been seen since.

Aged 23 Corrie was posted at RAF Honington. Corrie had gone on a night out with friends he was wearing a distinctive pink Ralph Lauren shirt, white trousers and brown Timberland boots.

Corrie was separated from his friend’s in the early hours of Saturday morning after leaving Flex nightclub he walked the short distance to his regular takeaway Pizza Mamma Mia. While he was in the takeaway he seemed very happy and played Rock, Paper, Scissors with a stranger.

At 1.20am Corrie passed a CCTV camera opposite The Grapes Pub on Brentgovel Street and St Johns Street junction. At 3.08am Corrie responded to his last text message he sent and the last time he made contact with anyone.

At 3.25am Corrie got up from the doorway and headed past the junction of St Johns Street down a pathway which leads to Cornhill Walk from here Corrie turns into a loading/refuse collection area behind Greggs shop this being the last confirmed sighting.

Police managed to trace his mobile phone at 3.24am to 4.30am within the Barton Mill area near Mildenhall this is believed to be only at the speed a vehicle could have travelled at due to the distance.

Nicola Urguhart Corrie’s mum has taken to facebook to answer live questions to those who have joined the #FindCorrie appeal.

During the live streaming, Nicola discussed her frustrations during the search for missing Corrie and urges anyone who may have the missing link to come forward.

Referencing the search of the bins within the police investigation and highlighted the area behind the bins that there is a huge area of businesses and empty properties describing the area as ‘massive’ after reviewing drone footage.

Corrie could have easily entered this area Nicola said ‘she had a big problem with this’ as the area has not been forensically searched.

Speaking of lines of inquiries that the family believe are vitally important and believe the police should look at as an urgent line of inquiry.

Door to Door enquiries within the investigation took three weeks to happen and this could have hampered the investigation fearing a lot of evidence could have been lost.

During the live stream it was directly asked if Nicola had lost faith in the police she answered ‘as a serving police officer that her criticisms of the police has never been aimed at individual officers and has always been at the lack of resources available to the officers’

Going on to thank the officers who have spent hours looking and trawling through CCTV images and combed the area.

Nicola urged supporters not to put the police down as this was never her intention, However, there are lines of inquiries that she believes have been overlooked.

  • Such a reported incident of three men setting fire to a car just miles away from the area Corrie disappeared.
  • RAF Marham incident should be further investigated and not ruled out as a road rage incident.
  • Believes two separate sightings with uncanny descriptions from two independent witnesses should be further looked into on the A14.

If you know somebody if something doesn’t feel right please just send me a text on one of the reward numbers even if it’s just a hunch, we will give the information to the police we will look into it as someone does know something.

Nicola urged that she is struggling to have lines of enquiries she would like looked at to be followed.

If you have any information that would assist in the search to find Corrie there is a £50K reward if you have any information at all people are urged to text or call in confidence 07379 333 024.



Trev Sherwood is the founder & blogger at the UK's Leading Crime & Policing News. Delivering you breaking news, insightful analysis, legislation & positive news!

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Melton Mowbray poppy day parade could be cancelled due to police cuts



One of the biggest Remembrance Sunday Parades faces being cancelled due to police cuts imposed by the Government.

Leicestershire Police have confirmed they do not have the staffing levels to be able to support the parade within Melton Mowbray happening next month.

If the parade is to go ahead as planned the Royal British Legion will be forced to pay for a private firm to marshal the route on November 12th.

Melton Mowbray is very much an active military town with the prospect of the cancellation causing anger amongst the locals

Jock Bryson aged 82 who organises parade has spoken about his devastation and shock saying ‘It’s so important to Melton that we keep holding the parade, and the atmosphere is so phenomenal with the serving and ex-serving people marching through town.’

The Melton Mowbray community are now holding raffles and bake sales in an attempt to raise money to pay for private security to attend the march.

Sadly cuts to policing have had a huge impact on Leicestershire Police there is now 500 fewer officers within the force that there was 8 years ago, simply there are not enough cops.

Leicestershire Police said that there are around 500 fewer officers in the county than there were eight years ago.

Ch Sup Andy Lee said: ‘As a force we are keen to pay our respects and remember the fallen, and at some of the larger parades there will be a visible police presence to engage with the community and maintain public safety. ‘In order to support these Remembrance Day events we need to carefully manage our resources to ensure business-as-usual continues, and that our level of service across the whole county is maintained. ‘In previous years, officers in attendance at parades have been involved in assisting with road closures and traffic management along parade routes due to the lack of formal traffic management arrangements.

‘However, this had an impact on our day-to-day operations and demands. With budget cuts and reductions in officer numbers, we have to ensure officers are deployed where the operational risk is greatest and that there is a sufficient number of officers on duty to be able to respond to any incident.

‘This is not something that we can sustain alongside making sure we are able to respond to incidents anywhere in the county.’ Jim Rawlinson, chairman of the county’s Royal British Legion, said they could still put on a parade – but it would be trimmed down. ‘It’s a national problem, but it’s just caused us to think differently about things,’ he said ‘The parades will all go on, but people will have to marshal them themselves.’



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Man arrested after hostages taken by armed man at Nuneaton Bowling Alley



Armed Police and specially trained negotiators have successfully ended a hostage situation that lasted almost four hours.

Armed Officers and Ambulance Crews responded to the major incident at the MFA Bowling Alley in Nuneaton following a vast amount of calls reporting a man with a sawn-off shotgun.

The man is believed to have taken two hostages who were both staff members within the bowling alley.

Mehdi Afshar Chief Executive of MFA Bowl confirmed that two members of his staff were being held, hostage.

It is Mehdi believe that the suspect gunman is known to one of his staff members and the relationship is either an ex-husband or boyfriend.

No customers or other staff members were hurt in the incident and were allowed to freely leave, while the suspect told many others to get the F**k out of here while screaming at his hostages it is Game Over.


The incident began just after 3pm on Sunday 22nd October when many families and children fled the scene after spotting the gunman.

Those that did not escape the scene immediately were told to leave by the gunman.  Police quickly ruled out the incident as being terror-related.

Credit: PoliceHour

The full area is on lockdown with all roads in and out of the area have been blocked and no one is allowed to leave the Nearby Odeon Cinema located next door to the bowling alley or a nearby soft play centre.

The Air Ambulance has landed near the bowling alley and has since left the location.

Video footage shows a number of armed police officers in a car park at the scene.


Warwickshire Police confirmed that they were dealing with an “ongoing incident” however while the incident was ongoing they did not confirm the nature of the incident.

Once the incident had concluded police confirmed that the man had been arrested and two hostages had been released uninjured.

Moments before the incident ended flash bangs were seen and heard before armed officers moved in and very quickly the suspect was arrested before being placed in the back of an ambulance which left the scene on blue lights and under a police escort.

A Spokesperson for Warwickshire Police confirmed the suspect had now been arrested and the situation was over.

“Specialist firearms officers and police negotiators, along with fire, ambulance and police air services, attended the location at the bowling alley in St David’s Way, Bermuda Park. A man has been arrested and is in police custody.

“Members of public at the bowling alley and neighbouring properties were evacuated to safety and nobody was injured during the incident.

“Warwickshire Police Chief Superintendent Alex Franklin-Smith said: “We would like to thank local people for their patience and cooperation while officers dealt with this incident. We are pleased that we were able to bring this incident to a peaceful resolution and that there were no injuries. I would like to reassure the Nuneaton community that the incident is unconnected to any terrorist activity.”




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Warning over exploding paw patrol soap after boy three in intensive care bath bomb exploded



Three-year-old boy is currently in a critical condition after a canister of Paw Patrol bath foam exploded while he was having a bath

The product has not been recalled, however, we would urge all parents to think twice when thinking about using this product.

The little tot is currently being cared for at Belfast’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children last night.

The little boy has burns to the outside and inside of his body, it is believed he was in the bath with his Paw Patrol Foam soap and it suddenly exploded.

The boy who has not been named was rushed to hospital on blue lights in a critical condition.

A spokesman for the Belfast Trust said the little boy is “in the children’s intensive care unit and his condition is critical”.

Nickelodeon confirmed that they had heard about the incident and that they were investigating the matter.

Confirming “We are terribly sorry to hear about this dreadful incident and we are gathering more information about the licensed product involved.”

Paw Patrol is an animated TV programme that is broadcast on Nickelodeon and is popular with kids and features six rescue dogs.

But they did not say whether or not the product would be withdrawn from sale.

You can buy the bath foam at a range of high street shops.



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