Assistant Chief Constable guilty of gross misconduct over breast comments

Assistant Chief Constable has been found guilty of gross misconduct however the panel recommends ACC Rebekah Sutcliffe be given a final written warning rather than being dismissed.

The ACC committed the gross misconduct when she exchanged drunken words with a junior colleague about the size of her breasts.

ACC Sutcliffe told Superintendent Sarah Jackson that her “creditability was zero” after she had had a boob job and told her she was the “laughing stock on the size of her tits”.

She then pulled down the front of her dress to expose her left breast and said “look at these, look at these, these are the breasts of someone who has had three children. They are ugly but i don’t feel the need to pump myself full of silicone to get self-esteem.”

ACC Sutcliffe aged 47 admitted to the panel that she had failed to treat Superintendent Jackson with the respect and courtesy and that she abused her position and authority.

Her actions further brought discredit to the police service, She did not agree that it amounted to gross misconduct.

She was found guilty of gross misconduct however it was recommended that she be issued a final written warning.