Snow warning as parts of the UK hit by snow and ice.

Snow Warning as UK hit by snow and ice
Snow Warning as UK hit by snow and ice

Parts of the UK have been hit with some Flurries of Snow, Most areas of the UK have also been covered ice patches, Be careful when you are out and about for patches of black ice.

Snow has felt across the Peak District and Cumbria with a thick layer across high grounds.

A weather warning has now been issued as there is expected to be more snow but it is only expected within the higher ground and within north.

A Met Office spokesman said: “What we’re seeing is normal for this time of year.

“There have been flurries as far south as Exeter but that has been more wet slush and is likely to turn to rain.

“We are expecting showers in western and north-western areas today which could fall as snow on hills”.

As the weekend gets underway the snow is likely to turn to rain, but the freezing temperatures are likely to cause icy patches.