Two people fled the scene after car smashed into Hartlepool House

Credit: Police Hour, Car driven at speed smashes in to front room window.

Emergency Services raced to Wynyard Road in Hartlepool last night after two males smashed into the front room window of a house after misjudging a junction.

Eyewitnesses have told Police Hour the car is believed to have been travelling above the speed limit for the road it then lost control hitting the house.

Thankfully no one in the house at the time of the crash, Just as well because the owner of the house usually sits in the window.

The car smashed into the front of the house at approximately 9.30PM.

The car has left the road and gone into the house near to the Eskdale Road Junction.

Wynyard Road, Hartlepool.
Wynyard Road, Hartlepool.

Police and fire services attended the scene with the road closed for a short time, Police remained at the scene until the car was removed and the house boarded up.

A Local resident who does not want to be named has said they heard the sound of a car driving at speed before hearing a loud banging sound.

As soon as they heard the bang he came running out to see what had happened.

He was met with the horror scene of a car sitting in the wall and a driver still sitting behind the wheel.

Another witness has told Police Hour that he saw the car come flying down Eskdale Road in Hartlepool he said “He had no chance of stopping, he was going far too fast”

“There was a huge smash and the driver had gone into the house”.

Cleveland Police have not yet released any information surrounding the incident however it is believed no one has been arrested.

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