Terror police find suspicious package in Newton Abbot, Devon

Police Pay
Credit: Police Hour.

Terror police have launched an investigation after a suspicious device was found on the London Underground.

A second package has been discovered in Devon and officers have linked it to the device that was found on London tube train.

A near by football match has been called off to allow a number of Helicopters to land in the area.

Yesterday Terror cops arrested a 19-year-old on the streets of London Today they raided an address on Tudor Road, Newton Abbot in response to that incident.

Metropolitan Police officers evacuated an address in Tudor Road, Newton Abbot, after finding “an item they deemed suspicious”.

Officers have placed a 200 metre cordon and have evacuated people from around the address.

The Met Police have released a statement saying “As a precaution, properties within Tudor Road will be evacuated whilst the investigation takes place.

“Those affected by this evacuation will be advised by officers at the scene where the localised reception centre will be.”