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Antisemitism Shocking figures show ‘tip of the iceberg’ of Anti-Semitism abuse in the Jewish community



Antisemitism the shomrim

Antisemitism A Month long case study has revealed a shocking ‘tip of the iceberg’ of anti-Semitism suffered by the most visible Jews in Britain, the Charedi Jewish Community (commonly referred to as ‘Ultra-Orthodox Jews’.

Anti-Semitic incidents reported to Stamford Hill Shomrim in one month leading up to ‘National Hate Crime Awareness Week’.
This is the first time such figures were recorded. (There was no campaign to increase reporting, nor were there any major world events that would suggest an increase in anti-Semitism).

The Stamford Hill Jewish Community predominantly lives an area in London which covers approx. 2 square miles primarily in the Borough of Hackney and partly in the Borough of Haringey.

Example of some of the incidents (all of these incidents were unprovoked and visibly Jewish victims):

Verbal Abuse: A 55-year-old Jewish women was asked (on the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah) in Hackney (N16), if she covered her hair on her head because Hitler had shaved it off, before the perpetrator made a Nazi Salute. The victim was in the middle of saying a prayer called ‘Tashlich’, this is done on the Jewish New Year, near a stream of water.

Threatening Violence: An 11-year-old boy was surrounded in Hackney (E5) and told to remove his skull cap; he was then threatened that he would be beaten up if he didn’t comply.

Common Assault: An 8-year-old boy was assaulted in Haringey (N15) near his own home, by a male who told him he was a “stupid Jew”, the child came running home crying.

Threatening Violence: Three Jewish females were chased in Hackney (N16), whilst the perpetrators shouted “the Jewish people are rich, horrible Jewish people, give us your money”. Needless to say, that the victims were terrified.

Common Assault: A 38-year-old man exited a Synagogue on Saturday evening in Stamford Hill, when a male randomly chucked off his religious Shabbos hat ‘Shtreimel’ (fur hat).

Verbal Abuse: A 28-year-old female boarded a bus with her two children, aged 6 months and 4 years old, when a suspect deliberately blocked her path, telling her “I’m not going to move for you, you Jewish people are selfish, you Jewish people are bad”

This is broken down to show you further information.

• 32 anti-Semitic incidents (on average 8 incidents a week).

• 27 (84.4%) of these incidents were Unprovoked, 5 (15.6%) had prior contact (i.e. road rage).

• 3 (9.4%) Assaults, 1 (3.1%) Criminal Damage, 8 (25%) Threat of Violence, 2 (6.2%) Threats to Kill, 18 (56.3%) Verbal Abuse.

• Average age of victim 29.5, with the youngest victim just 8 years old, and the eldest 57.

• 28 (87.5%) of the victims were Male, 4 (12.5%) were Female, all were visibly Jewish (Traditionally, Orthodox Men wear more visible/distinct clothing than Women, therefore more likely to become victims, as they are easily identifiable as Jews).

• 23 (71.9%) of these incidents took place in Hackney (14 in N16, 9 in E5), 3 (9.4%) of the incidents took place in Haringey, 4 (12.5%) of these incidents took place outside of Hackney and Haringey, and 2 (6.2%) incidents were online.

• 26 (81.2%) of the perpetrators were described as Male, 3 (9.4%) as Female, 3 (9.4%) Unknown.

• 23 (71.9%) of the perpetrators were described as Adults, 6 (18.7%) as Children (under 18), 3 (9.4%) Unknown.

• 7 (21.9%) of the perpetrators were described (by the victim) as White, 2 (6.2%) as Middle Eastern, 8 (25%) as Black, 11 (34.4%) as Asian, 1 (3.1%) as East Asian, 3 (9.4%) Unknown.

In the past month, Stamford Hill Shomrim supported all the victims whilst recoding all relevant details with the Police, and assisted with the arrest of a suspect who was subsequently charged with an anti-Semitic offence, and in the last five weeks Shomrim were directly involved with the convictions of three males in three separate anti-Semitic trials.

At the moment, Shomrim do not regularly log and record incidents in such detail due to lack of funding. Meaning that lots of reports are not recorded, especially when victims do not wish to report to Police directly. This is the first time such figures were recorded.

Recent Metropolitan Police figures show that on average 10 anti-Semitic hate crimes per month were recorded in Hackney and Haringey (includes areas outside Stamford Hill too).

The Home Secretary stated in the Government’s most recent ‘Action Against Hate’ publication (July 2016), that “Jewish people from the Charedi community are less likely than other sections of the Jewish community to report hate crimes to the authorities”.

President of Stamford Hill Shomrim – Rabbi Herschel Gluck OBE – commented : “It has long been said that anti-Semitism is underreported in the Charedi Jewish Community, which is the most visible segment of the Jewish Community, but these figures are nevertheless shocking, Even more so since this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Home Office must take urgent action to work directly with Stamford Hill Shomrim concerning the Charedi Jewish Community, a community with a distinct ethos, sensitivities and structures, to enhance and improve the reporting of hate crimes. Wishing everyone a good and sweet New Year”.

Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “This meticulous month-long study by Shomrim shows the shocking extent to which members of the Jewish Charedi community, including very young children, are being singled out and targeted for racist assaults and abuse.

Under-reporting of antisemitism in the Charedi community is largely due to the perception that nothing will be done, and that is why the work of Shomrim is so important, working closely with victims and the police to ensure that incidents are investigated and prosecuted.

“Shomrim have been deservedly praised by the Metropolitan Police Service as the model for community engagement, yet their work is often frustrated by a failure to prosecute, and by light sentences when perpetrators are convicted.

This makes the Jewish community less likely to report antisemitic crimes, and emboldens the perpetrators who often repeat their crimes. We were pleased that our call and Shomrim’s call for the Home Office to engage directly with Shomrim was adopted in the Hate Crime Action Plan, and this must now happen.

Shomrim’s unique contribution to the fight against antisemitic crime is more potent and cost-effective than the police working alone, and so there is a strong case for Shomrim’s work to be extended with the help of a Home Office grant.

“Last year, our National Antisemitic Crime Audit revealed that antisemitic crime reached a record high with a 26% increase in crime and a 51% leap in antisemitic violence against Jews. There is no more visible target than the Jewish Charedi community and as the intensity of antisemitic crime rises, now is the time for decisive action to strengthen Shomrim and extend their work.”

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10k cases could be affected ‘tampered samples which include rape and murder convictions in forensic data manipulation.



More than 10,099 cases may have been affected by alleged data manipulation by individuals working at a Randox Testing Services forensics laboratory in Manchester.

These include thousands of toxicology samples some of these include samples used to secure rape and murder convictions

It is believed these have been tampered with and could no longer be considered reliable.

Many rape and murder convictions could now be overturned.



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Gaia Pope no injuries to suggest any other person was involved in her death



Dorest Police have confirmed that they do not believe another person was invloved within 19-year-old Gaia Pope’s death.

Those arrestes on suspiscion of her murder have been released from police custody but remain under police investigation.

At around 3pm yesterday, Saturday 18 November 2017, specialist search teams discovered the body of a woman near the coastal path and the field where items of her clothing were located on Thursday 16 November near Swanage.

Although the body has yet to be formally identified, officers are confident that it is Gaia and her family is being supported by specially-trained officers.

Detective Superintendent Paul Kessell, of Dorset Police’s Major Crime Investigation Team, said: “The post-mortem examination has not identified any injuries to suggest any other person was involved in her death. The cause of death is undetermined pending toxicology.

“The coroner is involved in the oversight of these examinations but at this time this remains an investigation into an unexplained death.

“We would like to take this further opportunity to pass our thoughts to Gaia’s family who we continue to support and who ask for respect of their privacy at this incredibly stressful time.

“Once again I would like to pass our thanks to the public volunteers and partner organisations who have supported this inquiry throughout and have been material in locating Gaia.

“The area where the body was located is likely to remain cordoned off for some time while forensic examinations and searches are concluded.

“Please can I ask that the public no longer attend to assist with searches and that they remain a safe distance from the location. I reiterate this area is steep and slippery in an exposed area close to sea cliffs. The area is covered in dense undergrowth and gorse and can present a hazard. Only specially-trained search and forensic teams are entering the area, assisted by Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service recovery teams.”

Gaia’s family is issuing their thanks to the Find Gaia volunteer group for all their hard work and unwavering support.

Two men aged 19 and 49 and a 71-year-old woman, all from Swanage and known to Gaia, were arrested on suspicion of murder earlier this week and have been released under investigation while enquiries continue.



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We want to help you but we know you don’t like us being involved



We know you follow this account and want you to see this, We’ve told you previously that we think you are at risk of domestic abuse from your partner. We know you follow this account and we want you to see this.

Lochaber & Skye Police have penned an emotional letter addressed to ‘a young woman in Skye”.

The official Police Scotland account won the best tweeting police account at the UK-wide Police Tweet Awards in 2016 and could just take the 2017 title as next week.

They went on to say “We want to help you and are doing lots with other agencies to try and keep you safe.

“You might not see us, you might not even like us being involved but we are always thinking about how we can help you.”

“Your family and friends have told you they think you are in danger they support you and want you to be safe”.

“We think he’s probably told you, “it won’t happen again”, “I’m sorry”, “I’ll change”, he’s maybe even told you that it’s your fault – IT’S NOT.”

“The violence, threats, degrading comments and controlling behaviour are not the life you need to lead, it can be better.”

“You are not trapped and you are not alone, we can help you get out, your family and friends can help you get out and Scot Women’s Aid can help you get out.

Call us, come to the Police Station, phone someone, speak to local Women’s Aid worker on 01478613365 or 08000271234.”

“There is no excuse for domestic abuse, help is out there.”

Lochaber & Skye Police then went on to thank everyone for the positive response to the domestic abuse appeal.

They told everyone that the meaning behind it was to “reach-out to anyone who may be at risk”.

Hopefully, by sharing this another young lady, lady or even young man or man could be helped from harm.




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