Must Read: Learner driver assists police in 999 chase who had ran over a mile

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Cleveland Police Credit: Police Hour

A driving lesson to remember as a learner driver turns crime fighter as she finds herself in a police chase as officers flag her down during a 999 call to support police officer shouting for assistance.

The driver was in the car with her driving instructor when police running the streets to get to a desperate officer in need flagged the car down and asked for a lift.

Met Police are now looking for the driver who dropped officers at the crime scene to simply say thank you.

Police have confirmed that officers were at the police station when others officers required urgent assistance.

they were struggling to arrest a person who had been acting suspiciously. Officers chased the man on foot once they managed to catch him put up a struggle and became violent towards the arresting officers they needed urgent assistance.

What they did not expect in that backup would arrive in the form of a learner driver. No police cars were available and the officers attempted to get to the scene on foot having ran 1.2 miles before managing to hitch a lift.