Killer clowns popping up On Teesside and Northumbria

Library image of a Killer Clown. Area unknown.

Northumbria police have responded to a reports from concerned members of the public that killer clowns are popping up in Newcastle.

Yesterday Northumbria Police arrested a member of the public dressed as a killer clown who was in possession of a knife who was jumping out and scaring people as they walked past.

They have also been reported to have been spotted in Stockton and Middlesbrough Cleveland Police have not yet commented.

Northumbria Police have confirmed police officers have been on high visibility patrol across the region tonight to reassure the public in light of incidents involving people dressing up as clowns.

Police say they know that people have concerns about the incidents and we have already said that any behaviour that causes alarm and distress is not welcome in our local communities.

Police have also warned those using social media saying “This also applies to social media where we have been made aware of some messages on both Facebook and Instagram in which individuals have threatened to turn up at different locations dressed as clowns.”

Northumbria police are fully aware of these posts and our high visibility patrols will be continuing over the coming days to reassure concerned members of the public.

Police still do not believe there to be any risk to any members of the public but we will always take this type of incident seriously.

Yesterday police warned a 13 year old boy who was dressed as a clown attempting to scare passer-bys.

Officers took a knife off hime while he was in police custody.

The youngster was questioned overnight and was released from custody and given a warning about his behaviour.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Grant Urquhart said: “Carrying out these type of pranks may seem harmless but they can be very upsetting to the people they are targeting.

“We are taking this seriously and I hope that anyone planning on copying this behaviour should know that we will arrest you and you will spend a night in custody.

“We have made it very clear to the teenager arrested this behaviour is unacceptable.

“Officers will continue on their regular patrols in the coming days and weeks which will include being visible in the areas where these incidents have taken place.

“We would also like to encourage parents to know where your children are and what they are up to and keep an eye on any unusual behaviour.

“There have been some concerns raised to us about online posts about similar incidents but we do believe these are American-based and don’t believe there to be a risk to our communities.”

Anyone with any concerns should not hesitate to contact police on 101 and rest assured we will take appropriate action against anyone involving themselves in these types of incidents.