I’ve tried to dissolve the body… I’ve killed a police officer. I killed him last week

An Italian banker who is accused of murdering and dismembering an officer who has claimed “Satan” had told him to murder the officer.

Setefano Brizzi aged 50 is accused of murdering PC Gordon Semple. The pair had met on gay sex app Grindr.

A missing person search was launched for missing Gordon Semple after he failed to show for work. A week later his body parts were found in the river Thames and within Brizzi’s flat.

Two police officers were sent to his flat following reports of an awful smell coming from the flat. When the officers arrived he answered the door in his underpants and wearing sunglasses.

Officers entered the flat and were met with sight of buckets full of body parts waiting to be placed into a bath of acid, When they looked in the bath globules of flesh were floating.

They asked Brizzi ‘Sir, is there anything you want to tell us? he replied “I’ve tried to dissolve the body… I’ve killed a police officer. I killed him last week. I met him on Grindr and killed him. Satan told me to.”

When he was arrested and transported to Lewisham Police Station he informed officers that “I Kind of said goodbye luckily i didn’t know him. i thought it was a nice way to make a funeral on the River Thames.”

Brizzi was obsessed with US TV programme Breaking Bad in which a number of people are dissolved in acid. He had also became a heavy Crystal Meth user.

Brizzi went to a DIY store following PC Semple’s disappearance and purchased 3-in-1 saw set, a number of plastic buckets and perforated metal which police believe was used to grate the flesh from PC Semple.

the court was shown CCTV images in which Bizzi tested to see if his own head fitted into the buckets.

The trial eneded for the day when Brizzi was shown the CCTV footage and he broke down in tears and began sobbing loudly.

The trial continues.