Washington man attempts to meet school girl following sexual grooming

Credit: Dark Justice

Police have arrested a man at an address in Washington near to the Galleries Shopping Centre.

Dark Justice was sent an alarming message to a decoy account for a 13-year-old girl that requested she bring her 8-year-old friend along with her.

The man who has not been named sent a number of indecent images of himself to what he believed was a school girl.

Dark Justice attended the address of the man in Washington at on Friday evening. Northumbria Police then attended the address and arrested him on suspicion of child sexual grooming. He was taken into Police custody where he will be processed and interviewed regarding the allegations.

Dark Justice said, ”┬áThis sends out a clear message to anyone grooming children online we will come to your door and you will get the shock of your life when we knock.”

Dark Justice does not release the identity of anyone that has been arrested until the suspect has been convicted.

They do not make the first contact and they always confirm the age of the under-age child.

They gather evidence which has been used in court to successfully secured the prosecution of a number of men.