Police officer dismissed for failing to pay £24

Police Pay
Credit: Police Hour.

A police officer who failed to pay £24 for her taxi fare after a night out with colleagues has been dismissed.

Police Constable Nicola Elston aged 30 who was attached to the Lambeth Borough had been enjoying a night out when she called a taxi to take her back to her home address.

When she arrived back home she refused to pay the driver £24 and got out of the taxi.

The angry taxi driver got out of the car and followed her demanding a payment and she and the driver became involved in an altercation.

The driver then accused her of punching him in the stomach and refusing to make a payment.

Officers arrived at her home address and were unable to get an answer after ringing her doorbell. She was arrested and questioned the next morning.

She told officers that she had made a payment having left the money on the back seat and getting out of the taxi after the driver became aggressive towards her.

She was ordered to pay £1000 in court costs, £15 victim surcharge and fined £150 having been found guilty of making off without payment.

She was found not guilty of assaulting the man. Following a misconduct hearing heard that the Police Constable did not mean to be dishonest having been jaded through drink.

However Sergeant Mick Kirk argued that her dismissal was wholly justified having breached dishonestly she would be incompatible to be retained by the Metropolitan Police.

Assistant Commissioner Helen King told the misconduct hearing that PC Elston was a capable and dedicated officer however after considering aggravating factors she did not accept responsibility for her actions.

She further confirmed that “PC Elston had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol on that evening but, as in a criminal court, that cannot be used as an excuse.

“She also made allegations against the victim and continues to push the blame towards others.”

PC Elston was then dismissed from the Met Police without notice.