Mayor of London suspends use of Spit Guards in the Met Police

The Met Police has had a pilot use of spit guards suspended by the Mayor of London. The Met Police do not currently use Spit Guards however they were about to launch a pilot within Police Custody.

However the Mayor of London has politically interfered within Operational Policing and blocked pilots from going ahead.

Spit Guards are used by police officers to stop offenders who are in police custody spitting at officers while they are being detained.

The Met Police released a statement saying “The MPS has a duty of care to its officers and staff – the issue of spitting and biting is a real problem, particularly in a custody environment, and is a significant health risk.

“Over a number of years the MPS has been looking at potential ways of minimising the threat this issue poses to officers and staff. One of the options that h been considered has been spit guards in custody suites.

“A pilot within the controlled environment of custody suites had been arranged for October. This was agreed by the MPS Policy Forum in February, which is made up of officers and staff from across the organisation. A consultation process regarding their use has taken place and involved community advisors from Newham’s Independent Advisory Group, in addition to local magistrates and judicial staff.

They confirmed a new administration within City Hall has raised concerns and The Met has since suspended the pilots adding

“However with a new administration coming into City Hall since then, the MPS has listened to concerns and will consult further before starting any pilot.”

Mike Pannett discussed the issue on LBC calling for answers.

Mike explained that the Spit hood was the last resort.

Mike added that he would rather be punched in the face rather than spat at.