Youths risking their lives swimming in Hartlepool Marina

Police are warning that young children are risking their lives by jumping into Hartlepool Marina and swimming.

Hartlepool police have responded to 21 calls after young children have been swimming in Hartlepool Marina and are warning of the dangers swimming within there can cause.

Since 1st August there have been 21 calls regarding youths swimming in the marina.

Police have received a number of calls about anti-social behaviour including youths climbing onto boats, jumping into the water and setting off fire extinguishers.

Police have now put in place a dispersal notice which can enable police to disperse large groups of youths from the marina.

Inspector Mal Suggitt, from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Large boats turn around in this area and people can’t easily be seen. Youths are putting themselves in danger of serious injury or worse and we would ask that parents remind their children of these dangers.

“We have recently identified a number of youths that had been swimming in the marina and we have visited them in their homes with their parents present to advise them of the dangers of their actions.

“We will continue to monitor the situation alongside staff at the lock office and we will put in place a dispersal notice which can enable us to disperse large groups of youths from the area.”