Shameful: Crowds of teenagers surround police officers after two people arrested in Piccadilly Gardens

Teenagers surrounded and argued with police officers after they arrested two people in Piccadilly Gardens.

Officers arrested the youths and ended up with a swarm of youths arguing with the officers and trying to pull their arrested friends away from the officers.

The Manchester Evening News uploaded a video which showed the incident unfold.

The incident happened outside of the Yorkshire Building Society before it spilled over into Piccadilly Gardens.

Credit: Manchester Evening News.

Other officers attended the scene to assist the two officers. As the officers arrested one of the girls they had youths shouting and screaming at them that ‘she is just a girl let her go’.

Youths can then be seeing trying to pull the girl out of the officers arms.

Credit: Manchester Evening News.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed ‘that two people, including one female, were arrested in Piccadilly Gardens following a disturbance at around 7.30pm.’

Police initially attended reports of two teenage boys fighting.