Police Tattoo Policies for new constable applicants must be reviewed

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Cleveland Police Credit: Police Hour

Police guidelines on tattoo’s could prevent some potentially good police officers from applying to do the job.

The Police Federation is warning that the police service must reassess it’s ‘old-fashioned attitude’ around tattoos.

The police needs to have a reflection on the society they serve and that policies on non-offences tattoos should be created.

Although when you apply to join the police they ask you to disclose any tattoos there is actually no national policy setting out the rules for each applicant.

Despite this most police services say that anyone with offensive tattoos application will be rejected.

The Met, Surrey and Dyfed Powys have a policy in place that states you can have a tattoo as long as it cannot be seen by any member of the public. It must be covered by your uniform at all times.

The thing is once you are a police officer there is no policy that stops you from getting tattoos with many officers having there arms covered. You just can’t have them when you apply to become a Police Officer.