Police Officers down by 3000 but police demand and crime remains high

Police Pay
Credit: Police Hour.

Police officer numbers are continuing to fall however crime continues to rise last year the police recorded 4.5 million offences.

Recorded crime rose by 8% with sexual offences rising by 27% offences which involved knifes rose by 10% and police dealt with 34 more murders than in 2015 raising the total of murders to 571.

That is without the rise in cyber crime that has seen over 5.8 Million recorded offences a number that is only set to increase as criminals turn to the internet to increasingly commit more and more cyber crime offences.

These crime figures come at a time when there are 3000 fewer police officers in one year. There is increased demand on police officers and this will soon take its toll on the more than ever over stretched police officers.

There has already been a sharp rise in the number of officers on the sick which only supports that the demand on police and the intense pressures that our officers face.