Police officer who sent abusive tweets to celebs faces the sack

Credit: Police Hour

Cleveland Police could be about to sack on of their Police Constables after he tweeted abuse about celebs from a personal twitter account.

Police Constable Graham Wise has admitted he sent tweets about his reaction TV programmes he had watched on the telly.

He sent the messages while on his breaks at Cleveland Police Headquarters.

PC Wise used Twitter to call Eastenders Daniella Westbrook a “washed up cokehead with one nostril.

He went on to described Gemma Collins as a “fat C***” and called Nick Kyrgios a tennis player a “bell**d”.

The Police officer who worked in Stockton had policed the Tilery estate where Benefits Street was filmed in Stockton.

PC Wise tweeted the Gazette Newspaper “Bulldoze it, preferably with the majority of people still inside it”

He also tweeted about 24 Hours in Police Custody that Some defence solicitors really grip my s**t”.

Finally he tweeted about Lady Colin Campbell from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here “Why is everyone scared to say Lady C is a c***”.

Those tweets could not see PC Wise out of a job as Cleveland Police have accused him of “serious disregard of professional standards of behaviour expected by a police officer”

PC Wise believed that only his 170 followers could see his tweets that was not linked to a police account. However he had made reference in tweets to working for the Police within a HQ role.

Police launched an investigation after an anonymous email send to the forces HQ accusing PC Wise of sending the tweets.

During the investigation the force found information that the officer had used the force intelligence system to look up information on criminal without justification.

However PC Wise told investigators he was a “nosey policeman” and wanted to bring himself update with criminals within his area after a period off work due to illness.

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