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A Drunken man had a moment of madness when he stole an electric buggy at the Blyth Tall Ships event.

What he failed to notice was that he was in front of a police station with many officers stood around.

The 5 MPH chase lasted for 30 seconds as he drove the buggy towards crowds of thousands of people.

Officers quickly chased and caught up with the man who attempted to flee on the buggy.

Seconds later without a care in the world his moment of madness ended as he was dragged from the buggy in what appeared to be a drunken state.

Credit: Police Hour. Man walked the few couple of mins walk back to the Police Station.

Members of the public cheered the officers and laughed at the stupidly of the man who was led away the short distance back to the police station.

He is now spending the night in Police Custody arrested on suspicion of theft and drink driving.

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