Man arrested after sexual grooming of disabled girl aged 15 in Chester-Le-Street

A man, aged 40 from Chester Le Street has been arrested after trying to meet what he thought was a vulnerable disabled girl aged 15 following sexual grooming.

He sent multiple indecent images of himself and then send a video of him performing a sexual act on himself.

He sent a string of disturbing message saying things such as  “how he wanted to kiss her between legs, and have sexual intercourse with the child.”

He arranged to meet what he believed was a 15-year-old vulnerable disabled school girl. What he did not know is he’d actually been talking to Dark Justice.

Dark Justice do not release the identity of anyone that has been arrested until the suspect has been convicted.

They do not make the first contact and they always confirm the age of the under-age child.

They gather evidence which has been used in court to successfully secured the prosecution of a number of men.