Italian Police cook pasta for lonely elderly couple heard crying

Two police officers have cooked a heart warming pasta for an elderly Italian couple after their neighbours called emergency services after they heard crying.

They were crying because they were so lonely. The Officers rushed on blue lights to the flat in the Appio area of Rome fearing the worst after shouting and crying was heard in the apartment.

When inside they spoke to 84-year-old Jole and get 94-year-old husband Michele who confirmed they had not been a victim of crime but were overcome with emotion after watching sad stories on the news.

The paid have been married for 70 years and haven’t had any visitors for years. They were extremely lonely.

While the officers awaited an ambulance to come and check over the couple they made them some heart warming pasta.

They sat down and had a chat with the couple while they enjoyed the spaghetti with butter and parmesan pasta the officers had made.