Human Rights Act will be scrapped, Gov confirms

The UK government has confirmed they are scrapping the Human Rights Act.

The scrapping of the act will separate the UK from the European court of human rights.

Liz Truss the Justice Secretary announced the Human rights Act would now be scrapped.

The Human Rights Act will be replaced with a ‘Bill of rights’ Theresa May is believed to be forcing the new Bill that will replace the Human Rights Act. May while Home Secretary made it clear that she wanted to scrap the rights as it protected many suspected terrorists.

What is the Human Rights Act?

Labour introduced the Human Right Act in 1998. The Act protects 15 fundamental right of freedoms these include the right to life, privacy and free speech.

All of the articles are linked into the European Convention on Human Rights.

With the Human Rights being upheld by all public bodies and British and tribunals must interpret legislation.

Why do the tory’s want to scrap the rights?

Terrorists within the UK have been protected by Human Rights over the years. The Human Rights Act prevented Abu Hamza being deported from the UK for many years.

Foreign national who have committed serious crime have used the Human Rights Act to justify staying within the UK.

The European Court of Human Rights use the Act to overrule decisions made by Parliament and the courts within the UK.