Gateshead teenage yob attacks two young boys in unprovoked attack

A Teenager from Gateshead who cannot be named for legal reasons has attacked two boys who appear to be much younger than him.

The video has been shared over 1000 times on Facebook with users calling the attacker out as a bully and demanding he picks on someone his own age.

The boy he attacked did not fight back as he was punched and kicked in the head in a sickening attack.

The attack on the two younger lads is completely unprovoked with the attackers friends laugh throughout the video and can be heard saying ‘I don’t know why you’s are laughing’

Before the attacker turns on another boy who is believed to be have with the first boy that was attacked.

The incident is believed to have occurred within the Gateshead.

The attacker bragged on Facebook that the police were now at his door.

The same lad and group of girls who can be heard in the background of the first video have been captured within Gateshead attacking an 60 year-old car.

Northumbria Police have confirmed to Police Hour they are aware of the incident and are carrying out a full and detailed investigation.

Update: police have now arrested three youths.

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