Four British teens not allowed to Leave Majorca until they pay their bar bill!

Four British teenagers are stuck in Majorca until they are able to pay their bar bill.

The four lads have learnt the hard way not to keep a bar tab after they were unable to pay their hotel bill.

The lads from London managed to rack up a 4,113 euros (£3,552) debt at their Majorca hotel.

Unable to pay the bill the hotel called the police and were subsequently arrested.

The three 18 year olds and one 17 year old attempted to pay the bill with an invalid credit card.

They have now had their passports withdrawn until they are able to pay the bill.

They appeared before magistrates the lads attempted to run away but the police quickly caught them.

The lads allegedly splashed out on two luxury rooms, food, drinks and a late checkout, but were unable to pay the bill when leaving.