EU Referendum and it’s impact on hate crimes across the UK

Police Pay
Credit: Police Hour.

Police leaders across the UK need to get to grips with the term ‘Hate crime’ as quickly as possible.

The UK has seen a huge rise in hate crimes committed and recorded against those from who are not seen as British. There will be many thousands of hate crimes that will never come to the attention of the police.

Leaving the EU has seen a great impact of the number of recorded hate crimes recorded. Police leaders need to now urgently review the hate crime as a priority.

There was 3,076 hare crimes recorded in the two weeks after the EU Referendum compared to 915 incident on the same period of June 16th to June 30th last year.

Police Officers need to quickly adapt themselves to the Hate Crime legislation and become more proactive in the way in which these crimes are dealt with.

It’s not clear how many people have been charged with Hate Crime since the EU Referendum however it has been made a government priority.