Durham and Cleveland Police Paws Up Bob brilliant 22 day press up challenge!

Police Charity Paws Up has pulled out all the stops for their 22 day push up challenge.

Paws Up Bob is only on day 11 but each video is brilliant in its own right.

Durham’s constabulary Chief Constable Mike Barton has shown himself to be a sport as he got involved in the 22 day push up challenge.

The 22 day challenge is raising awareness for the 22 veterans that are committing suicide each and every day.

Paws Up is a Police Charity that was set up in 2013 that raises funds to support the living costs for retired police dogs and vets bills.

Day 11 – Bob takes ower the Chief Constables office

Day 10 – Bob has got himself a job. He is getting the orders wrong!

Day 9 – Bob’s got himself in trouble again !! This time at Durham train station

Day 8 – Bob is entered in to Dog Olympics at K9 Pursuits

Day 7 – Bob learns about method of entry

Day 6 – Big Bob found himself on the wrong side of the bars.

Day 5 – Bob made an appearance at a great event in Durham City Today showcasing numerous uniformed services

Day 4 – Bob attends the wedding of Neil and Kerry.

Day 3 – Bob goes out and about with County Durham Fire and Rescue Service.

Day 2 – Bob was stopped by Police interceptors having been caught speeding and was forced to take a breath test.

Day 1 – Saw officers with the Police Dog Unit as big bob took on day one of the challenge.