A man has been arrested after he travelled from Liverpool to Newcastle to meet a 13 year old child following sexual grooming.

The man in his late 30s has been arrested after he attempted to meet a 13-year-old child following sexual grooming.

Dark Justice has told Police Hour that “He asked if he could be her first and wanted to meet the girl for sex after only been talking for a few hours and then travelled for over 3 hours to meet the 13-year-old child close to the Newcastle city centre.”

He was arrested at the location and is now in police custody.
When Dark Justice confronted the man he  quickly turned violent biting one of them.

Dark Justice does not release the identity of anyone that has been arrested until the suspect has been convicted.

They do not make the first contact and they always confirm the age of the under-age child.

They gather evidence which has been used in court to successfully secured the prosecution of a number of men.

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