Cleveland Police have a challenging day as Boro have their first match back in the Premier League

Cleveland Police have faced a challenging day as Middlesbrough had their first match in the premier league.

It passed with hardly any noticeable trouble. However with Football you are always going to get those that try it on and push their luck with the cops.

A small group had to be escorted away from the stadium to prevent them from causing any trouble.

Officers gathered at Middlesbrough Train station to keep a keen eye of those football fans traveling home who couldn’t handle their drink.


No arrests were made at the station however a number of people were warned about their conduct.


One Boro fan gives it the two fingers to Cleveland Police Road Policing Unit. But we know there is only one idiot here!


Cleveland Police were out in force to ensure the it passed trouble free. Making sure the Boro fans enjoyed their first game back in the premier league.


Middlesbrough being in the premier league will bring it’s own policing challenges as thousands of people head to the Riverside Stadium every.


Cleveland Police Incident Support teams are pictured responding to an incident outside of the stadium before the match kicked off.


We are sure people across Teesside will now have to get used to scene like these on match days.

Lets end this article on a positive note from the Apollo Street Band at todays Boro match.