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Bradley Masterson thought he was meeting 13 year old for sex he actually met Dark Justice



Bradley Masterson thought he was meeting up with a 13-year-old called Roxy but in fact he had been chatting online to Newcastle-based Dark Justice.
A court heard the communications between the 19-year-old and the fictional girl quickly became sexual and Masterson suggested they meet up.

An arrangement was made for them to meet at the Centre for Life, in Newcastle city centre, but when Masterson turned up Dark Justice and the police were lying in wait and he was arrested.

Now the teenager, never in trouble before and described as “immature”, has been given a suspended prison sentence at Newcastle Crown Court after he admitted attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.

Prosecutor Alec Burns said Dark Justice had set up a profile on social media website under the name Roxy.

The profile said Roxy was 18 but, as is common practice for the group, they then told Masterson she was in fact well below the age of consent.

Mr Burns said: “The communication did not go on for long before he asked to meet her.

“He asked her to send a photograph of herself when she was getting changed.

“They arranged to meet at the Centre for Life and the defendant was met by Dark Justice and the police arrested him.”

Masterson, of Bedford Street, North Shields , told the police the girl’s profile said she was 18 and said he only wanted to meet her as a friend but he was unable to explain why messages of a sexual nature had been sent, the court heard.

He pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming and was given 12 months in a young offender institution, suspended for two years with supervision. He must also sign the sex offenders register for 10 years and was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order for five years.

Recorder Ben Nolan said Masterson had been “entrapped” into committing the offence.

The judge added: “Having said that, you responded to those messages and showed enthusiasm for committing the offence to those who sent you those messages, albeit there was never a child in existence in this case.

“You appear to have an unhealthy interest in young girls and you have got to get away from that.”

Tony Hawks, defending, said: “He is an immature 19-year-old, which goes without saying given the way he behaved.

“He comes from a respectable family and his mother is very upset about what happened.

“He has an offer of working on a fishing boat if he is allowed his liberty. He has done some work on a boat in North Shields.”

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FOUND: 12 & 14 Year Olds found safe and well after extensive police search



Thanks so much to everyone who helped share this article of two girls aged 12 and 14-year-old who went missing.

We’ll keep this article active for a number of days so those who are concerned about the girls can use it as a point of reference to come back and see they have been found.

We have removed all images and names of the girls to protect their identity and allow them to return home to an as normal as can be life. We would like to thank everyone who helped from the bottom of our hearts.

Police had become very concerned for the two girls who are aged 12 and 14, they had been missing for three days in total after they failed to return home

Police Scotland launched what they called an “extensive” police operation to find two missing girls who failed to return to their homes on Friday.

Thankfully Police Scotland found the girls and returned them back to their Renfrewshire home.


Missing People!

If you are thinking about running away from home please be aware help and support is out there for you.

Help and support is available simply call or text 116000 they will be able to help you free and confidential.

Anyone who is currently missing from home Missing people are here to help you whenever you are ready; they can listen, talk you through what help you need, pass a message for you and help you to be safe.

Call. Text. Anytime. Free. Confidential. 116000

They are also on hand to provide support for anyone who has been recently returned home having been missing.

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Dark Justice condemn actions of group who travelled 200 miles to Newcastle



North East Child protection group Dark Justice have today condemned the actions a Peadophile group that traveled to Newcastle.

We have chosen not to name them to avoid bringing the group extra attention and facebook followers.

What we can tell you is that the group travelled over 200 miles to conduct a facebook live stream however things took a turn for the worst when the group began living streaming the home and face of a completely innocent woman.

The group then turned the camera onto the male suspect who was claimed to be the suspected online child groomer, They asked his age and he repiled “16”.

They live streamed a teenager who is in his last year of school and put his face all over facebook for the world to see.

Dark Justice confirmed “The “suspect” still attends school, Now if the group had done any research at all they would have known this information.”

They went on to add if the teenage boy sent “indecent images there is 2 charges the Hunter’s can be locked up on now making and distribution of indecent images of a child.”

Dark Justice are strongly and firmly against the naming and shaming of a person before they have been through the system and warned of the danagers of Live Streaming.

Calum from Dark Justice told Police Hour “Live streaming needs to stop it does not raise awareness on any level higher than a blurred image, all it does is cause innocent families to become targets and could potentially send warnings to other paedophiles who could be friends with the suspect(s) been caught!”

Calum further warned “The government and the police are looking for any reason to shut us all down better a person is caught than none caught at all”

The teenage boy who was featured in the live video faced no criminal action or arrest by officers attending having broken no laws.

Who are Dark Justice?

Dark Justice is an online group that are often compared to as vigilantes who pose as underage children to trap paedophiles.

They are far from the image of vigilantes within the way they operate, They are very professional and passionate about putting child sex offenders behind bars. They operate in a completely different way to other Paedophile hunters online. Dark Justice is arguably an asset to British policing.

The people they catch aren’t even on the Police radar, No intelligence exists about them and often it is the first offence that person has ever been charged with.

Dark Justice is often mentioned in Locker rooms across UK Police Stations as the officers on the ground do have an admiration for the work they are doing.

Although they mainly operate within the Northumbria, Cleveland and Durham Police areas they are not afraid to investigate Paedophiles further afield.

Detectives within CID rooms welcome them because the ethical techniques Dark Justice use are able to be admitted into court as evidence.

They don’t comprise any legal proceeding they are involved with and never name anyone involved in investigations until they have been charged.

Dark Justice is basically handing over the perfect investigation to detectives gift wrapped or in policing terms a boxed off job. That requires little further work and investigation.

They operate without the limitations of red tape that officers have to stay within and have the ability to save detectives thousands of pounds in costs to carry out detailed forensic examinations of devices. They are basically caught red handed

They are basically caught red handed and interviewed on camera the moment they are meet and admit their crimes on film. Something that would be unlawful for a police officer todo.

Meeting Dark Justice

Having recently Dark Justice and spending time getting to know how they work, Police Hour discovered their passion for keeping child sex offenders off the streets. Unlike others, they aren’t all about the fame. Dark Justice simply noticed that the police were being cut back and didn’t have the funding to tackle online grooming within the North East.

Dark Justice is actually a self-funded project to catch child sex offenders with a lot of the money to fund their work coming out of their own pockets. The truth is they are just two ground gerodie lads looking to take offenders off the streets.

They spoke very passionately about their objections to cuts to policing and that is where we believe that Dark Justice offers a lot more to policing than meets the eye.

Although Dark Justice does not currently work directly with police forces and we are sure that seniors officers will instantly disagree with us on ethical terms and instantly shut down the idea.

But we believe that Police Forces across the UK should embrace and work closely with the likes of Dark Justice. Simply because of the lawful way in which they operate.

We pay drugs dealers for information

Many forces pay drug dealers and convicted criminals for information, We are talking about school children being raped and sexually assaulted after being groomed on services such as Whats App and Facebook.

We believe forces should reach out to Dark Justice in the same way and consider ways of working with groups such as Dark Justice. We know their work has already resulted in 63 arrests with 29 of those convicted and the remaining currently on police bail.

15 of those 29 so far convicted were handed custodial sentences due to the hard work and efforts of Dark Justice.

But what about the strains of evidence that aren’t strong enough but simply added to the bigger picture that would build on police intelligence.

This would enable forces to greatly gather further and better intelligence on child sex offenders without all the red tape.

The police have a lot to learn from the modern day tactics being used by Dark Justice that would greatly enrich the investigations of online child sex offenders.

Hindering investigations.

You are going to get your old school and detectives who say leave police work to the police. I’m sure Dark Justice have faced this a number of times when old school bobbies but the truth is the police Don’t have the time, resources or the money to intercept child sex offenders before an offence happens.

Within our field, we have certainly heard these negative comments surrounding Dark Justice However they are very professional within the way they operate. They do not use entrapment and online sex offenders always engage within a conversation with them first.

Dark Justice uses intervention to prevent offences from happening. It is a reality that the police are powerless to prevent child sex offenders from grooming children online before an offence happens.

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Dad meet 14-year-old girl for sex months after the death of his child



A father who had a breakdown after the death of his child was caught by so-called ‘paedophile hunters’ after trying to arrange to meet a girl for sex.

Ross Wilcox, 30, sent messages to an online account he believed belonged to a 14-year-old schoolgirl called Sarah and, after discussing sex, arranged a meeting.

But he had in fact been communicating with the group Dark Justice, whose members confronted him when he arrived at Newcastle’s St James Metro station for the rendezvous.

Wilcox, of Cramlington, Northumberland, has now admitted attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity and was handed a suspended sentence.

His sentencing comes the day after a senior policeman admitted UK police forces may have to begin working with groups like Dark Justice, who have not been deterred by previous warnings not to get involved.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told Newcastle Crown Court Wilcox had sent a message to the fake profile and the conversation quickly moved on to private, graphic, WhatsApp messages, despite him being told Sarah was just 14.

He later discussed if she wanted to ‘try sex’ and, within four days of getting in contact, arranged a meeting, the prosecutor said.

The court heard Wilcox, who had learning difficulties, was sectioned under the mental health act last August while grieving the death of his child.

Andrew Walker, defending, said an ensuing investigation and post-mortem revealed the child had died due to an infection.

Mr Walker said the tragedy had a ‘devastating’ effect on the family and Wilcox’s grief had an impact on his mental health.

Mr Walker added: ‘The reality is, for this defendant, despite this offence, he has never laid hands on a child inappropriately in his life.’

The judge, Recorder Simon Kealey sentenced Wilcox to 20 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with rehabilitation requirements, sexual harm prevention order and sex offender registration.

The judge told him: ‘The fact you have been sectioned under the mental health act as a result of dealing with the death of a family member and the fact that when you were educated you were challenged with special educational needs are not just points of personal mitigation which are powerful in themselves but they are potentially causative features why you behaved as you did over those few days, out of character.’

The UK’s lead police officer on child protection has said forces will ‘potentially’ have to look at working with so-called paedophile hunters.

Chief Constable Simon Bailey, the national lead for child protection at the National Police Chiefs’ Council, spoke after figures obtained by the BBC show an increase in the number of cases where evidence gathered by paedophile hunters is being used.

He said: ‘I’m not going to condone these groups and I would encourage them all to stop, but I recognise that I am not winning that conversation.

‘I think (working with vigilantes) is something we’re going to have to potentially have to look at, yes, but it comes with some real complexity.’

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