Soliciting by sex workers, and sex workers sharing premises, should be decriminalised?

Strong calls are being made for sex workers in the UK to be decriminalised. A new report has found that Soliciting and sharing premises should all be legal a new report has found.

The Home Affairs Select Committee have been holding an inquiry into prostitution within the UK.

Today (Friday 1st July 2016) they will be releasing a report which is back by Northumbria Police saying that soliciting by sex workers, and sex workers sharing premises should be decriminalised.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird provided written submission as part of the Committee’s inquiry on Prostitution.

Commissioner Baird, said: “Regardless of whatever brings women into sex work it is apparent that most are vulnerable victims and I fully back the notion of decriminalising sex workers. A criminal sanction on a sex worker only serves to reduce the chances of them seeking support to help exit sex work or to work with agencies to understand and better manage personal health and safeguarding issues.

“The focus, here in Northumbria, is on support for sex workers. As part of our Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, we have a dedicated strategic lead in relation to sex work as well as Sex Worker Liaison Officers at each Area Command who work closely with sex workers and partner organisations who offer support.

“Despite the findings of this report I believe the ‘sex buyer law’ would be another step in the right direction and would go a long way towards diminishing the abuse of power, exploitation, inequality and harm that is involved. I also believe that in such as trafficking for prostitution offences it is essential that communities are able to see perpetrators being held to account and that justice is seen to be done. Further research from the Home Office into the various legislative options would be welcomed, to clarify this and other grey areas and make the position of the law clear once and for all.“