RAF Marham police confirm they have received 150 calls so far

Investigations continue with officers reviewing CCTV from the local area and follow-up on the 150-plus calls from members of the public following Wednesday’s appeal.

We can confirm there have been reports of sightings nationwide but none of these are being treated as confirmed sightings of our suspects at this time.

Detective Superintendent Paul Durham said: “I’m grateful to the public’s help so far and there is some promising information amongst these calls.

“Officers continue with the painstaking task of trawling CCTV. This process does take time but I’m confident this work will pay-off.

“Regarding the search for our suspects, we are not focusing on any specific area and I’m keeping an open mind as to where they are from.

“It’s evident the would-be attackers have underestimated the victim’s ability to fight back.

“Let me reiterate there is no credible evidence this is a terrorist incident, but that remains one of a number of possibilities.”

Police continue to appeal for help from members of the public in tracing the suspects. Any who has information about the men should contact 101 or if you see them in person call 999.