Police Pay: Police Officers handed 1% payrise while MP’s get 1.3%

Police Pay
Credit: Police Hour.

Police Pay Police Officers have been handed a 1% pay rise which is set to knock morale to an all time low.

Hardworking front line officers of deserve more than 1% for the hard work and dedication they show. They have faced increasing cuts and often working alone and single crewed during the night.

Police Officers simply deserve more than the 1% announced by the Home Office while Members of Parliament voted to give themselves 1.3%.

The Police association had called for officers pay to rise by 2.8% to meet the increasing demand and pressures on police officers.

Steve White the Chairman of the Police Federation has said that “Every police officer across England and Wales will be angry and bitterly disappointed with an insulting 1% pay deal by the Government, after the Police Remuneration Review Body rejected our evidence for a 2.8 per cent increase.”

“While deeply disheartening, the headline figure of 1 per cent shouldn’t mask the fact that the pay review body came down on the side of Police Federation on almost every other aspect of police pay on which they were asked to make a decision.”