Cleveland Police have confirmed they responded to reports of large scale fight in Albert Park earlier this week.

A large crowd of people gathered to watch the fight which could be related to the TS3/TS6 fighting.

Lads turned up with weapons, chains, bars and began fighting within a secluded area of the park which was hidden from public view with high trees close to the children play park area.

The fighting is believed to be linked to previous gangs which have been fighting in the area.


The incident which saw men and teenagers fighting.

The location in which they have chosen to fight is out of public view.

Weapons can be clearly seen being used by some of the lads.

The fighting lasted for over an hour and involved up-to 30 lads while many more looked on it is believed the fight was pre-planned.

Police confirmed that they were called to reports of fighting at about 6.45 on the 19th July 2016. No arrests have been made.

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