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Firearms Officer Mark Gatland falsely portrayed as racist by IPCC



Former Metropolitan Firearms Police Constable Mark Gatland has been through hell and back after being wrongly portrayed as racist after he fired a taser. He stood accused of racially motivated use of taser by the Independent Police complaints Commission. Today that investigation collapsed.

Mark Gatland feels having served with the police for 15 years and 8 year in the military police he could no longer cope with being treated like a criminal. He was subjected to imbalanced reporting in the media after an IPCC investigation collapsed due to a number significant failures.

The case involved firefighter Edric Kennedy-Malfoy. The firefighter was off-duty when in September 2011 he approached the officers in Harrow, north London to help identify a young man who had thrown a rock at a police van after a late-night melee. He says officers suddenly turned on him and he believes he was targeted because of his skin colour.

Police evidence led to the Firefighter being charged and later cleared with obstructing police after a two-day trail at Brent magistrates court.  The Met Police said sorry and paid damages to the Firefighter.

Mark Gatland told Police hour that ” The complaint was made in Sept 2011 but the investigation did not commence until March 2012 because it was subjudice until after kennedy Macfoy was acquitted at court.

“The DPS investigation, which was an ipcc supervised investigation was complete within a year and concluded that no officer subject of a complaint had any disciplinary or criminal case to answer.

“The ipcc rejected that report and commenced an independent investigation. Throughout this I remained fully operational as an Armed Response officer. In Oct 2014 The Guardian reported that the IPCC had concluded I had a case to answer for racially motivated use of Taser and referred me to the Crown Prosecution Service.

“At this point I was restricted from police operations and moved to a non public facing role. CPS found insufficient evidence to support charging me In January 2015. IPCC had tasked the DPS to undertake a discipline review of their findings in October 2014 but failed to provide their disclosure to the appropriate authority for nearly 3 months.

“Based on the disclosure and final report of the ipcc the appropriate authority agreed that i had a case to answer for my use of taser. The Met disagreed with the ipcc that the use of taser was racially motivated.

“It then bounced back and forth between the ipcc and dps for months before the ipcc ordered the met to put me on a gross misconduct hearing for racially motivated use of taser. 2 dates were put aside then vacated by the dps because the case was not finalised. Throughout this period the ipecac investigator was constantly asking when the hearing would be held.”

PC Gatland was accused of having used “unreasonable force and discharged a Taser without warning and that on both occasions his actions were motivated by racial discrimination and/or racial stereotyping and so treated the victim less favourably”.

Having reviewed the evidence Met Police confirmed “after careful consideration of all the evidence available it is clear that there are conflicting accounts, and as such the case that was due to go before the misconduct panel was not as strong as previously thought.”

In fact the IPCC had no evidence against any of the three officers placed under investigation with there lives were placed on hold and they failed to interview key witnesses.

Mark Gatland told Police Hour that ‘ The Department Of Professional Standards (DPA) Investigated and found there was no case to answer. They IPCC rejected the DPA investigation and spent 17 months  conducting a thorough investigation

“They didn’t find anything extra. They ignored over 50 witness accounts which corroborated police accounts. The IPCC used expert witness testimony to fit the account they wanted to portray.

“This was all wrapped up under the cover of racism despite it not being anything to do with race

PC Gatland said he feels “Having served with the police for 15 years and 8 year in the military police he could no longer cope with being treated like a criminal. No one wanted to hear his account of what really happened”.

In a statement the IPCC said: “We recognise the effect this will have had on both Mr Kennedy-Macfoy and the officers involved, and would like to take this opportunity to apologise to them.”

Former Police Constable Mark Gatland who was even suspended by the Met Police to prevent him from leaving the force pending the misconduct hearing. All along the IPCC knew they had no evidence against PC Gatland.

Mark told Police Hour that the damage caused by the IPCC has had an impact on his “health and well-being” as a result of his long running case.

“The damage caused to the officers health and wellbeing as well as his family is impossible to quantity at this time. The matter of damage to the public perception of policing in this matter being falsely portrayed as a racist event is scandalous.”

Mark went on to tell Police Hour that he believed intact the IPCC Commissioner was racist due to conducting an investigation through the eyes of a racist instead of being objective and reviewing all the evidence.

Mark Added “All three of us have been put through the wringer because the IPCC commissioner is a racist. She sees racism everywhere because she is looking through racist eyes. Instead of being objective in reviewing all the evidence she selected what could be made to fit her agenda and then discarded the rest. I don’t expect different treatment. Just fairness. And their has been none.”

“If this case can prevent even one officer having to go through this experience again them I will declare that a victory. Honesty and integrity is the keystone of policing.”

Questions should now be asked as to why the IPCC allowed an investigation to last so long without any evidence being held against any of the Police Officers? Who will now investigate the IPCC.



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Nine-year-old boy locked in safe during game of hide and seek



A Nine-year-old boy became trapped in a safe during a game of hide and seek at his grandfathers home in Berlin.

He had to be rescued by firefighters after he hid inside the sade. He was playing with his little brother at home in Lichterfelde, Berlin.

Believing he has found the perfect hiding place the boy went inside the unused safe and closed the door locking himself in.

The boy was playing with his little brother at the home in Lichterfelde, Berlin, when he found the ultimate hiding place.

His hiding place was eventually found but his grandfather was the only person who knew the code for the safe and he was away.

They could not get in contact with him and called for help from the local fire brigade.

They tested family birthdays for three hours in the hope they’d crack the code while pumping oxygen into the safe via a tiny crack.

As a specialist team arrived who was able to cut the safe open they managed to enter a successful six-digit code.

Firefighters say the child remained calm throughout the ordeal and was shocked but unharmed.

Berlin firefighter Thomas Kirstein said it was a happy ending and super early Christmas present.

Hopefully, he won’t be hiding in there again and in future, they’ll be keeping the door shut because this incident could have been very different.



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URGENT APPEAL: TAKES 2 seconds to Share £100K Reward to find Missing Corrie Mckeague



Corrie Mckeague has been missing since September

We need your help to share this appeal far and wide, it only takes 2 seconds to share.

Corrie’s mum faces a second Christmas without knowing what has happened to her son or where he is.

If you know what happened to Corrie you must come forward, if you are hiding information about what has happened to Corrie.

Someone out there must know what happened to missing Corrie Mckeaue. Please share this as far and wide as possible one person out there must know what happened or where Corrie is.

We are urging you to share this appeal as far and as wide as possible. We must know what happened to Corrie and ensure those who know are brought to justice.

His mum and brothers are now facing their second Christmas without Corrie, having met his newborn baby. He has simply vanished.

A £100K reward has been offered to find missing Airman Corrie Mckeaue who has been missing since September 2016

23-year-old Corrie Disappeared after a night out in Bury St Edmunds in September 2016.

Police have now finished searching a landfill site for his body and have found no trace of Corrie within the landfill.

Officers say they have “no further realistic search opportunities” at the moment.

Businessman Colin Davey has now doubled his £50K reward to £100K.

Corrie’s mother Nicola Urquhart shared the news of the reward on the ‘Find Corrie’ Facebook page.

She is ‘begging anyone with information’ to come forward.

“Today, Colin Davey has increased the reward for information that leads to Corrie being found to £100,000.

“I would fail miserably if I tried to find the words that describe how I feel about Colin’s generosity. We can never thank him enough.

“I would beg ANYONE who has information no matter how small they think it may be to come forward. There may be someone out there that thought that because the police were so sure Corrie was in the landfill that there information was not important so never came forward. Please do it now.

“If you have already left details with the police but feel you have not been taken seriously or ‘re contacted, please get back in touch with them and ask what they have done and if they need further information from you.

“Corrie is not in the landfill so something else has happened. It is impossible to evaporate one of these theories we have had from the start now must be what has happened. Please please help me to get as much information to the police as possible. Someone out there knows something.”



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Four Iraqis win damages against MoD following their treatment during invasion



Four Iraqi Citizens have won a high court damages against the Ministry of Defence.

The case was relating to their ill treatment and unlawful detention during the invasion of Iraq.

It was heard that they were unlawfully imprisoned and ill-treated by British armed forces.

The Judge ruled that all four would be entitled to compensation under the Human Rights Act with one of those men being awarded more than £30K.

After Mr Justice Leggatt’s ruling, lawyers said the result of the four test cases could form the basis of settlement of more than 600 unresolved claims in what is known as the Iraqi Civilian Litigation.



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