Labour Politician recieves death threat ‘Prepare to be coxed’

Labour member Kevin McKeever who called for Jeremy Corbyn to stand down as Leader of the Labour Party has received a credible death threat. 

McKeever received the hand delivered death threat suggesting he should be ‘coxed’ a reference to the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox. 

Kevin McKeever said “I’ve made my personal views clear on our party’s leadership. 

“I have, however, been silent for the past few days due to a hand-delivered death threat, suggesting I should be ‘coxed’, a reference to the murder two weeks ago of Labour MP, Jo Cox. 

“On the advice of the police and in the interests of the personal safety of me, my family, I will not be commenting further.”

Twitter reacted to the threat!

Let hope the police act quickly and find the sender of this sickening letter