Islamic preacher shouts ‘Allah Akbar’ in police officer’s face during tense confrontation

The preacher quickly became upset went a Police officer was dealing with a complaint by a member of the public. However the preacher quickly turned his attention to the police officer in an aggressive way.

What happened next was a stand off between the police man and the man preaching Islam in the street.

The police officer requested that the man spoke to him instead of shouting at him. He was told to go and find some rapist.

The┬áconfrontation quickly escalated which saw the highly agitated man shouting and screaming ‘Allahu Akbar” in the officer’s face.

During the confrontation the police officer remained claim and simply asked the man to stop shouting at him and allow him the respect to speak without being shouted at.

The officer turns to a crowd that has gathered and tells them “this man has the right to assembly to stand here and shout and offend.”

However he added “If his actions go beyond that and he commits a public order offence, then he will be arrested.”

He then turns and walks away. The preacher continues to abuse the police officer and call his racist.

A very professional police situation dealt with in the right way.