Dark Justice slam suspended sentence handed to Peado hiding in safehouse

Dark Justice have slammed a suspended sentence handed to peado Toby Mace.

Mace was caught out by Dark Justice after they used a fake profile to pose as a 13 year old who Mace groomed believing it was a school girl. 

What followed horrified Dark Justice and Northumbria police it was revealed that Dark Justice has prevented him meeting a  real 15-year-old girl.

Once his devices were forensically examined all became apparent to investigators.

The girl was left terrified and needed counseling to cope with the months ahead and the pending trail.

Mace was described as being ‘unable to control yourself’ by Judge Robert Adams who sentenced mace to ten months imprisonment suspended for two years.

When considering the crimes he has committed this is absolutely shocking, he is free to groom again.

Mace from Hetton, County Durham has now been placed in a safe house at the tax payers expense to keep him safe. Basically a VIP luxury home with police protection. Surely he should have just been sent to jail.

Mace took to Facebook to thank Hetton and confirm he was no longer living there.

When Mace appeared in court Dark Justice said ‘he just showed no remorse in court’

He entered court as a frail man with a walking stick in apparent ill-health, he has since been snapped walking perfectly fine without the walking stick.

Dark Justice are now said ‘Jeremiah Mace aka Toby Mace was stopped in Gateshead interchange by police.

‘He was moved to a safe house, not only does he have no remorse for the crimes he committed but he is wasting tax payers money by putting himself in danger.

‘We notice something in this picture to at court he brought a walking stick with him, on this picture there is no walking stick and able to walk unaided, seems well for a man who is in ill-health.’

Dark Justice will now be submitting a report to the Attorney General to try to get him a tougher sentence.

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