This is Damien Morton a shop worker who attempted to groom a 13-year-old girl for sex.

He arranged to meet her what he didn’t know was that he was actually talking to paedophile hunters Dark Justice.

Morton aged 22 believed he had been sending messages to Charlotte aged 13 little did he know he was talking to a decoy account set up by Dark Justice.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how charlotte introduced herself as a 13 year old girl. Morton quickly turned the conversation into a desire to have sex with her.

He made reference to meeting up with her after he finished work at Home Bargains and wanted penetrative sexual activity.

He quickly arranged to meet Charlotte at manors Metro Station on March 3rd in Newcastle.

Dark Justice and Northumbria Police waited for the Morton to turn up to the metro station he was confronted on camera and quickly arrested.

Revealed the sick messages Morton sent what he believed was a 13 year old girl.

Dark Justice: Shocking Moment shop worker who groomed 13 year old confronted 1
He even knew he would get called a nonce if he kissed her and stuff! 

Dark Justice: Shocking Moment shop worker who groomed 13 year old confronted 2
Morton was sentenced to a one year in prison suspended for two years. He will now have to sign the sex offenders register. He will also have to abide by a sexual offences prevention order and will be forced to take a rehabilitation programme.

Dark Justice do not release the identity of anyone that has been arrested until the suspect has been convicted.

They do not make the first contact and they always confirm the age of the under-age child.

They gather evidence which has been used in court to successfully secured the prosecution of a number of men.