Video: Coach with 50 students on has lucky escape as door fly’s off on the A19 Tees Fly Over

A driver has had a lucky escape after his coach with 50 people on board was almost wiped out by a flying door from a Taxi.

The motorist was driving on the A19 Tees fly over heading towards Middlesbrough  when a Royal Cars mini bus drove past him and the door fell off.

It is very lucky a serious accident didn’t happen here as the door of the mini bus blew off in the direction of oncoming cars at 70 MPH.

Barry a coach driver aged 36 from Billingham was carrying 50 students from Middlesbrough college.

He admitted he was fearful for his passengers on the bus as soon as he seen that the door had come off.

Barry Mcquillen can be heard in the video saying ‘you couldn’t have picked a worse place for it to happen. i couldn’t avoid it i couldn’t avoid it’

The Driver of the taxi was unable to stop his taxi in the middle of the fly over this would have been far too dangerous.

He contact Taxi control who then alerted police as to what had happened.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.