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Would an extra £400 a month in your pay packet come in handy? That’s what you’re looking at if you become a Sergeant. Here’s how to make it not just possible but probable.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a term industry loves. But few investments pay off as handsomely as the £20 you could invest in Rank Success’ ‘Guide to Passing Your Police Promotion Interview’.

Become a Sergeant and you’ll enjoy approx. £400 a month extra in your pay packet.

Or £800 if you make it to Inspector. That could pay a lot of bills.

Working smarter

My Rank Success digital guides have helped hundreds of officers make that leap.

In my 28 years in the police, I achieved both. But I spent far too long locked away studying without seeing my family.

I wanted to create a smarter way. So I deconstructed the process and then put it back together in a meaningful way. I also qualified as a coach.

The result is a practical toolkit, a structured guide that focuses on effective preparation and on conveying your skills in interviews.

Full range of support

‘Guide to Passing Your Police Promotion Interview’ will vastly increase your
confidence, knowledge and chances of success.

Of course, you could choose the full range of support, including one-on-one
coaching. Even then, you’ll still enjoy an astronomical ROI in terms of salary and pension benefits.

You can read more about ‘Guide to Passing Your Police Promotion Interview’
at www.ranksuccess.co.uk/downloadable-resources.html

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