Policing and the EU fallout… We can only guess for now!

Police Pay
Credit: Police Hour.

We have left the EU so what does the future hold for policing and relationships within Europe.

What impact with the fall-out has on policing within the UK?

Better Laws

One of the most important impacts of leaving the EU. It means we can once again create our own laws in the UK. It is hoped that laws will be now created to better protect front-line police officers who are attacked or killed on duty.

They may even introduce better laws that make the jobs of police officers much simpler and easier to deal with. We can always dream.

Police Intelligence 

We’d like to hope that we can continue an international relationship with intelligence gathering and be sharing with EU countries. We are good with sharing Intelligence with world intelligence agencies.

We should be able to continue sharing intelligence with countries. After all, Terror is a world threat.

Policing Budgets

Here is to hoping that the Government will spend a little more on policing and keeping our streets safer now they are not ploughing so much money into Europe. But we won’t hold our breaths.

Criminal Justice System 

To be honest the system probably got a little bit easier. The law isn’t that simple, however, we will no longer have the European court of appeal who seem to overturn convictions of killers, murders and rapists on grounds of ‘Human Rights’.


European Arrest Warrants.

Unfortunately, it is very likely we will lose the right to take out a European Arrest Warrant for murder suspects and those who have committed a serious crime and fled the UK to an EU country.

Human Rights 

Speaking of those Human Rights we will be no longer governed by those silly rules that force the British Government to pay out millions if a paedophile or killers human rights have been breached. We will likely create our own form of Human Rights, however, the British government will be able to create more workable rights.



These are Police Officers who work to make Europe safer. They deal with major investigations such as drug smuggling or human trafficking. Once we leave the EU we won’t have Europol within the United Kingdom.


There may even be some changes we haven’t yet considered! if you have any Tweet us @PoliceHour

What we know to be a fact is British Police will continue to be the best in the world.